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The EOS® Approach

Stay on track with the proven Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) and grow your business. Real. Simple. Results.

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Find out how Fokal Fusion can equip your organization to grow and thrive like never before.  First step is to schedule an introductory call with Rainee.  She offers a complimentary 90 minute meeting so you and your leadership team can learn all about our model and answer any questions you may have.

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Tips and tricks to help grow your business plus lots of great people practices to try.

EOS® & Microsoft

This video, created by Microsoft, captures the spirit and enthusiasm associated with The EOS Process™ . As part of The EOS Implementer Community™ , we are excited to share this amazing video as a testament that EOS® really works.

Who Are We?

Fokal Fusion is passionate about making a difference in the lives of business owners and their leadership teams with tools and techniques that support their ability to have a work life balance and peace of mind.

We are committed to helping entrepreneurs build a rewarding businessachieve their vision, and create healthy, high performing teams.

What Can We Do?

We utilize a collection of methodologies, tools and techniques to ensure your business is reaching it’s full potential. We create custom solutions for all businesses we partner with and ensure you are able to not only over come your current challenges, but provide you with the skills and tools you need to improve and sustain for the long term.

What to expect plus so much more:

  • Teach and implement a proven, simple, complete business management system
  • Create cohesive, aligned and healthy leaders and teams
  • Enable your workforce to work less hours but accomplish more
  • Clarity on root causes of issues to get them identified and resolved
  • People loving what they do and the company they work for
  • Core processes are identified, documented and followed
  • Clear roles and responsibilities for each employee with performance metrics
  • Achieve more revenue, growth and profit
Schedule your 90 minute FREE discovery session with Rainee today and we will show you how simple it is!

Who Can We Help?

Many of our clients are growing fast and looking for systems and structure to support future growth.  They are typically entrepreneurial companies with 10 to ~250 employees who want to really take their organization to the next level.  Any of the below challenges look familiar?

  • Stifled growth with limited success on past attempts to move the needle
  • Growing so fast they are concerned about what’s falling through the cracks
  • Workforce doesn’t seem aligned and marching in the same direction
  • Need to improve performance expectations and accountability
  • Long list of issues and challenges that doesn’t seem to get resolved
  • Working long hours while making limited progress in reaching goals and objectives
  • Considering selling and have the desire to increase the business’s value

We believe that all entrepreneurs started their business for a reason. Whatever that reason is for you, let us help achieve the success and life style you have dreamed of.

Call today to learn more and get your complimentary 90 minutes scheduled with Rainee.  She’ll tell you all about our model, how it’s implemented and whether it’s a fit for your organization.

In the over 16,000 hours of implementation across the nation, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and it’s small group of Implementers (there are only 175+ professionally trained worldwide) we realized that only about 5% of business owners are getting everything they want out of their business.

At Fokal Fusion, we are passionate about working with the other 95% of entrepreneurs to ensure that they learn how to not only run their business efficiently and effectively, but how to spend less time working, so they can spend more time living.

-Based on Independent EOS™ Studies

The time to act is NOW.

We will schedule a short 90 minute FREE session to explain The EOS Model™  and how we implement it. If you’re interested we will further guarantee our services by putting some ‘skin’ in the game too. If you don’t believe we have provided value to your business after your session, you don’t pay. You have nothing to lose!

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  • “As a Human Resources and Risk Management Professional with 25 years of experience, I was not looking for a “cookie-cutter” approach to Performance Management and Talent Management. I wanted an independent, outside perspective to objectively assess our organization and provide feedback that I could trust. I engaged Rainee Busby and FokalFusion because of Rainee’s ability to accurately evaluate an organization’s strategy and it’s culture, and provide candid feedback on our Performance Management and Succession Planning processes. Rainee took the time to engage the management team, reviewed our strategic objectives, and helped us to be more effective at identifying our talent gaps, and where we needed to be. Rainee’s assistance with our selection of a Performance Management System was invaluable. She also helped us establish competencies by job function, so that we could measure individual performance and align individual goals with our strategic initiatives. If you are looking for a candid, highly effective business partner who has proven success in Performance Management, Talent Management, Workforce Planning and Succession Planning…look no further than Rainee and FokalFusion.”

    Rick Morrow
    Rick Morrow
    Vice-President, Manufacturer and Designer of Steel Buildings and Building Components
  • “I had a well run, profitable and growing business before we implemented EOS®. Today, a year after implementation, we have supercharged the business. We now have clarity of responsibilities, problem solving frameworks and the growth has been explosive… thank you for giving us the framework to really take off.”

    Bob Verdum
    Bob Verdum
    Computerized Facility Integration, LLC (CFI)
  • “The EOS® tools work. They really help us stay consistent and focused on our vision. The principles have helped me build a solid leadership team, crystallize our plan, and create the discipline to take the organization to the next level.”

    Sam Simon
    Sam Simon
    Atlas Oil Company
  • “Five years ago we ended the year at $5,000,000 in revenue and a 3% net loss. Things weren’t awful, but we definitely wanted to do better, so we implemented EOS®. It felt a little awkward at first, but as we began to master the system, things became simpler and everything began to work better. As a result, we ended the next year at $7,500,000 with a 6% net profit! The whole leadership team is so much more confident about the future now, and we’ve never been so unified as a team. I guess the big WOW! in all of this is knowing that our dreams are attainable. We’re on pace to close out this year at $18,000,000 with a nice profit. EOS® works.”

    Sam Spiech
    Sam Spiech
    Spiech Farms
  • “Working with Rainee and going through The EOS Process™ has already made an impact to our company. Even though we are just getting started I can see a significant difference already in how we are coming together as a team and learning to work together towards a common goal. Being a nonprofit started by a mother of a child with a disability we started with little to no experience in putting the framework of a business together. For the last fifteen years we have had significant growth and typical crisis periods that most companies experience in their initial development.  But we have never known how to put the real foundation down which is necessary to break through to that next level. EOS® is the operating system that will help us get there and I have full faith Rainee is the one who can guide us through it.  I can’t say enough to anyone who has their own business that this is what you need to be doing to get what you want from your business.  Read the book (Traction® – Get a Grip on Your Business) to get a full understanding. Then hire Rainee to get you started.  I guarantee you will love the results.”

    Kimberly Brusatori
    The Village Learning Center