Keynote Speaker: Rainee S. Busby

Rainee Busby | Business Talk Radio Host Fusion 5 Radio

Rainee Busby is the founder and CEO of Fokal Fusion, a successful professional services firm dedicated to helping those who lead small to medium size businesses, non-profits, faith based organizations and other similar entities that have a vision they want to achieve.  Rainee believes by empowering owners and leaders we can create a direct positive impact to communities, society and families.  Work life balance is a key part of having time to contribute to make a difference.

She hosts a business talk radio show called Fusion V Radio where she shares her insight. Rainee has dedicated her professional life to shaping and managing innovative business solutions by leveraging her business, technology and people expertise. She enjoys working with many small to medium size organizations and businesses who are either struggling to grow or are growing quickly and need extra support to manage that growth efficiently.

Speaking Topics

Attracting the Top Talent

Too many companies are focused on finding the top talent, when they need to focus on creating the best employee environment. By clearly defining your employee value propositions and creating a healthy company culture organizations can spend less time searching for the right candidates and more time attracting them.

Career Planning is No Longer an Option

When you are planning your own career and that of your employees, it rarely gets past the talking phase. In today’s job market special attention spent on developing your employees will not only raise your retention, but result in a happier and more talented workforce.

Developing a People Strategy Plan

Successfully executing any business plan starts with successfully implementing a people strategy plan. Not only do we invest more in our people than in any other aspect of our business, but it is also gets our lowest amount of attention. With 50% of people not understanding what their job  is, it is time to start the conversation of how to best utilize your people so you can excel.

Embracing Generational and Gener Challenges

The workforce is always changing and now, more than ever, we need to understand what challenges lie ahead. With 5 generations in the work place and inequalities between men and women still an issue in many industries our challenge now is closing those gaps and using them to our advantage.

Employee Engagement - What's the Hype?

Employee Engagement used to be a familiar term only to a select few. But now, it is a hot topic among HR professional and high level executives alike. It’s important now, more than ever, that we understand how to implement this idea into your organization as it becomes a mandatory part of your employee benefits.

Finding the Best Software for YOUR Business

From understanding how to approach vendors, to finding the best technology to seamlessly integrate with your current processes, the search for the right tools when you run your own business can be torture. But, if you have a plan and a professional with 20 plus years of experience on your side, that process can be easier than you ever imagined.

How to Ensure Your Employees Stick Around

Many times employees leave for multiple reasons. The problem is finding those reasons and addressing the before you lose anyone else. With the proper tactics and quick action the retention of your employees can skyrocket in a matter of months.

How to Really Make Succession Planning Realistic

Succession planning is near and dear to many of the hearts of top executives. While planning is important, what is more important is leveraging those plans through targeted development and metrics to prepare for you company’s future.

Plan to Grow - Don't Forget Your Workforce Plan

For many companies this means resource management. However, true workforce planning includes creating a projection of where your organization will be in 2 to 3 years and assessing what skills your people will need to have to be successful at that time. Then, starting that development sooner rather than later to secure  your future.

Talent Gaps - Find 'Em and Resolve 'Em

Talent gas can threaten your entire business if they are not identified and resolved. With your business on the line can you afford not to know?

Why your Business Needs an Operating System

Just like phones and computers need a up to date and fully functioning operating system, so does your business. Learn how to find the operating system that works for you and use it to ensure you business is high functioning machine.

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