Keynote Speaker: Rainee S. Busby

Rainee Busby | Business Talk Radio Host Fusion 5 Radio


Rainee loves to share her wisdom and knowledge through speaking and delivering workshops.  She is a dynamic and engaging presenter who makes sure everyone walks away with an educational experience and free templates to begin transforming their business or department immediately.

We look forward to hearing about your next event and how we can help make it a great success!

Speaking Topics

Attracting the Top Talent

Too many companies are focused on finding the top talent, when they need to focus on creating the best employee environment to naturally develop great talent.  By clearly defining and living to your core values, which is the foundation of your culture, you will spend less time searching for the right candidates and more time easily attracting them.

Career Planning is No Longer an Option

Employees want to know what’s next for their career.  Not having an answer is not acceptable in today’s market.  Being able to share your company vision and show them how they could fit into that vision is powerful.  Career conversations should be a frequent discussion.  Not something we discuss once a year.

Developing a People Strategy Plan

Successfully executing any business plan starts with getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats.  Most businesses struggle with people challenges which directly impacts their ability to grow the business.  Make sure everyone is 100% clear on where the business is going, how they contribute and what they will be held accountable to.  It’s really that easy once you have a foundation of accountability.

How to Keep Your Best Employees and Help Those That Aren't?

It’s always the best employees that leave first.  Number one reason is their manager.  Learn new ways to help leaders/managers be more effective while leveraging the power of peer pressure when it comes to accountability and discipline.  Great tips on how to keep the best and help those that are under performing step up or step out.

Ready to Think About Exit Strategy - Don't Forget About Succession Planning.

Every business should have an exit strategy.  Some may be looking at a few years out and some possibly much farther into the future.  Regardless, the business needs to be ready to put it’s best foot forward.

Strategic Planning - Vision Minus Execution Equals Hallucination!

Most businesses are great at creating their vision.  Nice 2 day off-site dreaming of the future and what could be.  Few are good at executing to that vision and holding people accountable for their contributions to make it reality.  Don’t let that be you!

Why your Business Needs an Operating System

Just like phones and computers need a up to date and fully functioning operating system, so does your business. Learn how to find the operating system that works for you and use it to ensure you business is high functioning machine.

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