Fokal Fusion: Our Story

Fokal Fusion was initially born in January 2011 and was founded and led by Rainee Busby.  Rainee had another business at that time which she started in April 2004.  It made sense to re-brand the old business so that it had a new look and feel which is how Fokal Fusion came to be.

The name Fokal Fusion has a unique meaning to it.  Fokal represents our ability to look at multiple points of focus across the business landscape.  Fusion is the blending of our expertise across 3 unique areas – business, people and technology.

Shortly after starting Rainee brought in a business partner who created a coaching practice to supplement the human capital (people strategy) practice.  Over time our clients and our company grew more than we could have ever hoped and it soon became apparent that the practices would do better running as two separate entities which lead to a mutual decision to split the business in early 2015.

At that point in Fokal Fusion’s story, Rainee was given the unique opportunity to take a step back and look at her business and what it had grown into. She realized she was spread so thin trying to keep up with everything and not able to truly focus on what mattered most.  Her business had been running her life instead of the other way around. Work life balance didn’t exist and the sacrifices she had made over the years could not continue.  It was around this same time that she found the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®). The EOS® approach enabled Rainee to get her own life back and fit seamlessly with the type of business advising she already did. Shortly thereafter Rainee became a professionally trained implementer of the EOS® system in order to teach other business owners and leaders how to grow their business and get their lives back.  She had found her true calling and passion.

We also enable business owners who use EOS® the time to spend with their family while giving back to what is important to them, their community and society.  Leveraging their expertise is a win-win for everyone!

If you are an entrepreneur who is growing quickly, has stalled growth or is looking to sell their business please contact us today.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.  Contact Fokal Fusion by calling 888.301.3876 or send a short email. We look forward to hearing from you soon!